© Catherine Houston


Catherine’s subject matter shows the interaction of structures on the landscape and her surrounding garden. Her intention is to convey an atmosphere of a place in a more abstract form applying layers of acrylic paint, using bold colour, creating texture and applying glazes. 

“I’m enjoying breaking the rules and taking a more intuitive approach.”


Interested people can contact me and view more of my work on: https://www.artshow.co.nz/artist-details/catherine-houston/


Catherine Houston studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design in the 1970’s. She later completed her Teaching Degree and taught Art in various schools throughout Waikato. Catherine has always worked as a free-lance artist for commissions, local and National exhibitions. She has exhibited in the Biennial New Zealand Portrait Exhibition and had a solo exhibition at Soul Gallery, Hamilton. Catherine is now retired, living in Raglan and paints when not attending to her vast garden.